2020.02.01 ACMES Will Organize Never Too Later for Romance in 2020 GALA


“永远有缘”由美中医学交流学会 (ACMES) 主办 http://www.acmes.net,”永远有缘”同时也是 Gala 的保留节目。
Never Too Later for Romance is organized by American Chinese Medical Exchange Society (ACMES) http://www.acmes.net, it is also a favored program of GALA.

The purpose of this event is for those who are not young, but still believe in love, believe life and also like to take action. We will provide a chance to let them know each other and be familiar with each other, and then start a first step for potential long romantic relationship, as well as marriage in the future.
We look forward to your joining; our activities are very decent, low-key, caring and warm!

让我们一起坚信”永远有缘”, 在新春之际结交红颜蓝颜, 让生命之树永远长青!
In the spring, let’s know romantic friends and playing romantic songs in your life flourishing period.

时间:2020年2月 1号周六 2pm-5pm
地点:Boston Marriott Burlington
1 Mall Rd, Burlington, MA 01803
注册费用: $20

Please register here, make sure to leave correct email address for further contact.  Thank you!

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