Hepatitis Screening

American Chinese Medical Exchange Society (ACMES) is a 501C3 non-profit organization for medical professionals, founded and operated by leading experts in diverse medical fields and healthcare related areas, its headquarter is in Boston. With its knowledge and expertise in the medical field and two existing medical publications, ACMES is positioned to contribute to the promotion of global health, with a focus on Asian health issues and well being. The organization taps into various professional social resources and networks, including leading experts in various medical and healthcare disciplines at Harvard Medical School and its affiliated hospitals, other elite medical schools as well as health administrations. The core members have strong academic and social connections and leadership networks that enable the association to fulfill its mission. 

Over the years, viral hepatitis as a major health issue in Asian population, has been the priority in ACMES. The primary focus is enhancing viral hepatitis prevention and control efforts, here are some major experience and achievements:

1, ACMES has been hosting hepatitis B or C physician educational CME program monthly or bi-monthly for the last 3 years, average 500-800 physicians attended these sessions per year, these program were collaborated or sponsored by Asian Health Foundation, Asian Health Communications, Simply Speaking, practice point communication.

2, Community educational program yearly on hepatitis, 50-200 people attendance, sponsored by Gilead, Onyx and bayor and DPH of MA.

3, International MD educationalrogram, Chinese hospital CEO program yearly, sponsored by CGIT, Kirwan, Harvard Medical School, Mass General Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Brigham woman hospital, Jordan Hospital.

4, community health affair at Boston Dragon Boat festival, free care clinic consultation yearly, average 500-1000 patients benefited and visited for hepatitis prevention and treatment, sponsored by Gilead.

5, Publishes special issue on hepatitis on ACMES publication "North American Journal of Medicine and Science" yearly special issue, collected 30 to 40 top articles on hepatitis B and C, Chief editors Keqin Hu, Calvin Pan, Daryl Lau. This peer review journal has over 500,000 viewers over 3 months, online free access, in addition each special issue has over 1000 prints, to MD offices and community.

6, Publishes Chinese journal, a health educational journal to Chinese community bimonthly, with good coverage for hepatitis B and C, sponsored by Gilead, and others. The circulation is about 100,000 by conservative estimate.

7, ACMES has solid primary care physician team working in every district of greater Boston, routinely screen, prevent and treat hepatitis, or referral to hepatologist of this network.

8, Early Identification and Linkage to Care for Foreign-born Persons with Hepatitis B

The proposed program mobilizes the physician network of ACMES to provide community education, screening, vaccination, and follow up events. Hepatitis B Initiative will provide survey and data collection.

The proposed program addresses the Asian immigrant population in the greater Boston area. We will provide   educational seminars sponsored by member physicians followed by screening. We anticipate to screen 1,500 previously untested patients in the area.

The target population consists of Chinese immigrants in the Greater Boston area. 

Certain areas of Greater Boston, namely Cambridge, Lexington, Shrewsbury, and Malden contain the fastest growth rate of Chinese population in the Boston area, signifying a significant Chinese immigrant population.  

According to 2010 Census data the Chinese population of Boston numbers 55,235; Cambridge 15,879; Lexington 6,240; Shrewsbury 5,451; and Malden 11,971 for a total target population of 94,770. 

As the Hepatitis B rates for both Asian-Americans and the Chinese population are both 10%, the estimated total individuals infected by Hepatitis B numbers 9,470.

Well known barriers to Hepatitis B detection and treatment in this population include cultural and social stigma, as well as cultural sensitivity and linguistic incapability with healthcare providers.

The geographic area served is Greater Boston, namely Boston, Cambridge, Lexington, and Shrewsbury, where our member physicians have an established bases of influence.

Our organization is uniquely suited to serve this target population due to our member physician’s optimal language and cultural compatibility with the target population and their training in care of hepatitis B patients.

The member body of ACMES is comprised of primary care physicians in the Greater Boston area from a Chinese cultural background. They are well known members and leaders of the mainland Chinese immigrant community, organizing and sponsoring community events like the Dragon Boat Festival and town Chinese New Year festivals.  As such, our members have strong rapport with the target Asian immigrant community and are commonly chosen as their primary care physicians. 

Our ACMES member physicians are well trained in the care and management of hepatitis B patients. ACMES offers our members monthly training in hepatitis B management and educational CME courses. Our core strengths of rapport with the target at-risk population and preparation to treat said population puts ACMES in a strategic position in the hepatitis B control effort.

A challenge Hepatitis B projects have traditionally faced is the linkage of outreach and education efforts to screening and follow-up services. We have found that the patient response to education efforts increases with physician involvement in community educational seminars.  With physician involvement and supervision, patient response to educational materials is greatly improved, linkage to care and follow up is promoted by the presence of a treating physician. ACME’s physician network provides the platform to provide this service.

ACMES involvement in the Hepatitis B education, outreach, and control include:

-Hosting Hepatitis B educational CME and training programs monthly for the last 3 years, with an average of 500-800 physicians attending these sessions per year. These programs were led by prominent hepatologists and provide our member physicians with training in all aspects of Hepatitis B care and management. Due to the extent of our physicians’ training, ACMES is uniquely 

-Yearly community education conference on Hepatitis, with attendance of 50-200 healthcare professionals. Collaborators included Gilead, Onyx, Bayor and the DPH of MA.

- Yearly Community Health Fair at the Boston Dragon Boat festival, a free care clinic consultation where an average of 500-1000 patients benefited. We provided information and materials for hepatitis prevention and treatment, sponsored by Gilead.

- ACMES publishes a bi-monthly health educational journal for the Boston area Chinese community, the North American Journal of Medicine and Health, with estimated circulation of 100,000. 

HBI Boston involvement in Hepatitis B education, outreach, and control include:

-Successfully screened over 1000 patients at Dorcester, Sharewood, and South Cove clinics

-Community data collection and follow up