ACMES membership package

American Chinese Medical Exchange Society (ACMES) is a 501C3 non-profit organization for medical professionals, founded and operated by leading experts in diverse medical fields in both the U.S. and China.

The mission of the organization is to promote medical exchanges between the U.S and China with multi-dimensional joint research and clinical projects. As a publisher for two existing medical journals, ACMES is positioned to promote global health. ACMES periodically releases bimonthly issue of North American Journal of Medicine & Health (in Chinese) and quarterly issue of North American Journal of Medicine & Science (in English). In addition, ACMES hosts International Physician Exchange and Training Program, continuing medical education programs and periodic medical forums through collaboration with top rank medical schools and their affiliated hospitals. ACMES is devoted to disseminate evidence based medicine and address healthcare disparities and medical challenges. Our “to cure autism institute” is dedicated to use East meets West approach to understand and cure autism, this century myth Our mission would be impossible if without strong academic and social connections and leadership networks from our contributing members. Please join us to further the mission to promote global health.

You will enjoy the benefits if you become an ACMES member:

1. Professional networking: Because the majority of our members are medical professionals and entrepreneurs of medical fields with Chinese heritage, ACMES intends to foster a climate for medical resource enrichment among our members, to serve as a platform for your collaborations and exchanges between US and China in research and clinical fields.

2. Professional resources: Free attendance to Annual conferences, Autism Forum, Spring conference, medical educational programs, and seminars; you may tap into various professional resources, including leading experts in various medical and healthcare disciplines at top rank medical school and affiliated hospitals, other elite medical schools as well as health administrations.

3. Member benefit of ACMES journals “North American Journal of Medicine & Science” (English) and “North American Journal of Medicine & Health” (Chinese). Experience of Serving in a medical journals as editor or reviewer, enjoys discount of Publication fee and Editing fee up to 40%.

4. Matched mentorship in career development in academic and clinical areas and training in Leadership and project management.

Annual Membership Fee

Active $50; Student/Post doc $20; Life Member $500. Join