Free Medical Consultation to Public


11am-5pm,June 10th, 2012

@ Boston Dragon Festival

Charles River, Boston

---Physician Consultation Service of various specialties

---Blood pressure, weight, BMI, vision and more

---Message therapy, acupuncture and herb consultation

Consultation Providers

Dr.  Yang, Wei       11-1pm     Internal Medicine/Primary care

Dr.  Lee, Shiao-Yu  11-1pm     OB-GYN

Dr.  He, Xiangyun 11-1pm      Internal Medicine

Dr.  Xie, Guojian     1-3           IM/Gastroenterology

Dr.  Liu, Zhao         1-3           IM/Endocrinology

Dr.   Huang ,Chunmei       3-5pm          IM/Nephrology

Dr.  Wang, Linghua (Leo)   3-5pm         Internal Medicine

Dr.  Luan, Jing                   3-5pm          Intenal Medicine

Dr.  Zhang, Yilin (Richard)   12-2pm Optometry

Dr.  Wang, Li   1-3pm Dentistry

Dr. Qiao, George 3-5pm Endocrinology

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Lu, Weidong            11-1pm

Dr. Liu, Jing                  1-3 pm

Dr. Kong, Xuemin 1-3pm


Dr. Shi, Jufang (Shirley)

Dr. Wen, Guolin ( Alex)


Dr. Ji, Yongli Internal Medicine

Dr. Kong, Xuejun (June) Internal Medicine