NAJMH (in Chinese)

Introduction to
North American Journal of Medicine & Health

North American Journal of Medicine & Health (NAJMH) is a health educational journal, targeting Chinese population in North American, and worldwide. It was founded in June 2008, collected by The Library of Congress of USA, ISSN 1944-0936 (print) 1944-0944 (online).

1. Organization: North American Journal of Medicine & Health is a publication of a non-profit medical organization, founded by senior Chinese American physicians and medical scientists in USA, the editorial board members are mostly attending physicians, professors, and faculty members of Harvard Medical School and other high ranking medical school and their teaching hospitals.

2. Mission Statement: North American Journal of Medicine & Health is guided by “Evidence Based Medicine” principal, aiming at introducing frontline medical advances and newest health concept and knowledge of North American to Chinese population in USA, and worldwide; reinforcing health care delivery in Asian community; promoting medical exchange between North America and China, between Western and Eastern Medicine

3. Feature of the Journal: Health Educational

4. Cycle of Journal: Bi-monthly

5. Language: Chinese

6. Target population: General Chinese population in USA and worldwide

7. Publishing Location: Boston, MA, USA

8. Publishing Format:  Paper Print (full color 8x11 magazine)
 Electronic version on website and email file in PDF

9. Custom Direction:

Print: distributed to Chinese population worldwide

Electronic format: , and automatic email mailers

10. Columns and Contents:

Medical News:

Frontline medical news report (7-10 piece of news per Issue)

Medical Advances:

Frontier of popular topic of all medical areas (1 review article per issue)

Case Report:

A case report and discussion focusing on major health problem in Chinese population

Physician of the month:

Introduce a physician per month, his/her career, work and life story, major interest, and personal thoughts

Healthcare System:

Introduce medical system, insurance, famous hospitals, nursing homes or medical service in North American

Medical Education:

Introduce medical education system; physician and nurse licensing exam or continuing medical education; medical career as physician, nurse, visiting scholar or postdoctoral research fellow in North America

Legal Issues:

Targeting medical legal issue, physician-patient relationship, patient’s right and medical legal procedure in North America

Preventive Medicine:

Health and diet, weight management, beauty and Skincare, mental health, vitamins, health screening, etc

Consultation Clinic:

Questions and answers of common medical problem, readers directly send their questions via email to , answer by our physicians

Drug Information:

Every issue introduce some common or new drug information, including indication, side effects, precautions, etc

Global Medicine:

Focus on Chinese population’s major and unique health issue, international consultation and case discussion to compare the difference of medical management between North American and China, explore the integration of acupuncture, Chinese herb or other form of alternative medicine, etc

This Month Special:

Illustrate the medical knowledge related to news, for example, we outlined earthquake medicine in our first issue

Evidence Based Medicine:

Introduce the concept of “Evidence Based Medicine”, clinical guideline and related research, in the form of review or expert forum

Class field and Advertisement:

All advertisements should be medically related and appropriate in medical and ethical terms. Information must be accurate out of good faith. The publisher should not be liable for the inaccuracy of the content of the advertisement. We reserve the right to refuse any advertising we deem inappropriate

“North American Journal of Medicine and Health”, the medical educational journal of Chinese population, is published by a group of American Chinese physicians and medical scientists, with their dreams and passions of better serving their community, with their expertise of different medical areas, with their hearty devotion and great joint effort.

We are so proud of our achievement, however, we deeply understand that there are many areas needed to be improved, your inputs and advice are greatly appreciated. We strongly believe that, we together will make “North American Journal of Medicine and Health” a countable health consultant and a true friend of our Chinese community.

Editing Committee

“North American Journal of Medicine and Health”

June 2008

*Announcement: all medical advice in this journal is for your reference only; you need to discuss your specific medical issue with your healthcare providers.

* All copy right preserved.