2018-02-01:The four-day Advanced Hospital Management Program ended this week successfully.


2018 Feb. 1 The four-day(1/29-2/1/2018) Advanced Hospital Management Program held by the American Chinese Medical Exchange Society and the U.S.-China International Business Alliance ended this week successfully.

 The training provided a comprehensive high-level introduction at the seminar. Dr. Kong Xuejun, president of ACMES, introduced information regarding Medical Systems in United Sates: Medical Insurance, Physicians, Patients and  Medical schools in America , Hospitals and Harvard Medical School and Affiliated hospital to 15 participators-dean and medical & health system executives from Nanjing, China.

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Associate Professor Lucy Chen of Massachusetts General Hospital introduced the" Trinity Hospital of Massachusetts General Hospital "and discussed with Nanjing team about department management; Associate Professor Wu Bolin of Boston Children's Hospital, introduced" Boston Children's Hospital Medical Research Overview "and discussed the hospital management, department setting issues. Dr. Jun Liu hosted a conference related to Nutritional Requirements for Special Education Children with Harvard Medical School graduate and Nanjing team at Medical Education Center of Medical College.

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There is also a comprehensive visiting & study: Dr. Kong Xue-Jun, Associate Professor Lucy Chen, Associate Professor Wu Bolin, Dr. Niu Jianghe and Dr. Christoph led the Nanjing team to visit the Harvard Beth Israel Hospital East & West Campus, the Massachusetts General Hospital, Children's Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, Medical College Library, Stem Cell Laboratory, Harvard Medical School Teaching Center, Convention Center and Brigham and Women's Hospital.

  Among them, William Shaw, chief executive officer of Massachusetts General Hospital Imaging Center, visited the Massachusetts General Hospital Imaging Center and introduced the demonstration. Director Charles Pozner of the Simulation Center at Brigham and Women's Hospital gave participants a hands-on experience during the visit.開會  參觀-藍