Medical Exchange

The organization taps into various professional social resources and networks, including leading experts in various medical and healthcare disciplines at Harvard Medical School and its affiliated hospitals, other elite medical schools as well as  health administrations. The core members have strong academic and social connections and leadership networks that enable the association to fulfill its mission.  

  1. Build medical network. To bridge medical professionals of different fields between US and China to exchange ideas and promote mutual learning, via our membership, medical forums and conferences.
  2. International Physician Training Program. ACMES organize and host top quality international physician training programs in different medical fields including Chinese Executive Hospital Management Leadership Program, Clinical training and observership for international MDs, Autism international program. The courses are well designed and customized by solid teaching team including world level experts and leaders of Harvard, graduate with authorized certificate. ACMES will provide logistics service package.
  3. Conferences, seminars and courses. Organize and host high-quality international scientific conferences, workshops and seminars, and continuing medical education programs in USA and China.  
  4. Build research collaboration. Help to identify matching collaboration projects, offer mentorship for study design, grant application, manuscript and publication consultation.
  5. Career development. Help to identify matching mentor, career development and path consultation, introduce work or further study opportunity.