American Chinese Medical Exchange Society
ACMES: moving upward and forward

American Chinese Medical Exchange Society (ACMES) is a 501C3 non-profit organization for medical professionals, founded and operated by leading experts in diverse medical fields and healthcare related areas in both the U.S. and China.


The mission of the organization is to promote medical exchanges between the U.S. and China. The primary goal is to establish direct access and communication channels for international medical consultation and clinical medicine. With its knowledge and expertise in the medical field and two existing medical publications, ACMES is positioned to contribute to the promotion of global health.


With the U.S. and China as the two largest economies in the world, the need to collaborate together has become increasingly important. Collaboration is especially needed in the medical field because the medical and healthcare systems of the two countries have been drastically different in their historical and cultural backgrounds.

In the area of basic research, the US has led the world in advanced technologies for drug development, medical equipment and clinical research. However, as China has quickly caught up in these fields, both countries stand to benefit from increased collaboration. The need for academic exchange, technology transfer, career development and capital resource sharing are in ever-greater demand.

In the area of clinical practice, dramatically different approaches are now beginning to see a convergence towards the Western standards of medical practice. U.S. medical practitioners routinely apply evidence-based approaches to directly guide clinical practices and the industry is regulated by a well-established monitoring mechanism. While Chinese medicine traditionally takes a holistic approach to treating illnesses and hasn’t been able to develop a scientifically traceable monitoring capacity, the major healthcare practices in China are quickly adapting to meet international standards. Other areas ripe for exchange include hospital management, clinical trials, and insurance systems.

As physicians and medical scientists who have trained and worked in both China and the U.S., ACMES feels both obligated and privileged to serve as a bridge of medical exchange and collaboration between China and the U.S.

Organizational Structure

The organization taps into various professional social resources and networks, including leading experts in various medical and healthcare disciplines at Harvard Medical School and its affiliated hospitals, other elite medical schools as well as health administrations. The core members have strong academic and social connections and leadership networks that enable the association to fulfill its mission.

ACMES in motion

2010 had been a successful year for ACMES. We have successfully hosted and organized more than 10 medical conferences or educational seminars to promote Asian health with increased awareness and reputation in our community and beyond; In the first quarter of 2011 we have successfully held “Common Issues in Primary Care Medicine” series I and II in Mclean Hospital of Harvard Medical School, attracted hundreds of physicians and healthcare providers and covered more than 20 medical topics; We participated and sponsored Boston Dragon Boat Festival and offered free medical consultation clinic on site and had several hundreds of visitors and gained great popularity from our community. We have organized “Biomedical Advances of Autism 2011” conference 8/21/11 in Mclean Hospital and attracted nearly 80 medical professionals, social workers and parents and wrapped a great success. We have also established solid collaboration with high rank medical facilities and health administration authorities in both USA and China to facilitate top quality US-China medical exchange programs ahead; This coming October, we will hold our annual conference featuring Medical Advances 2011 and Hospital CEO Forum and co-host the Chinese Medical Leadership Delegation and hospital management training course with top notched curriculum, faculty and training certificate.

Our English journal NAJMS (www.najms.net, www.najmed.org ) has published 44 peer review articles in 2010, as today total 12 issues with over 140 scientific articles in both electronic version and print. In 2011, we have successfully published three special issues, one is Hepatitis issue in 1/2011 and the other is Oncology Issue in 4/2011, Autism special issue in 7/2011 and on it way, Diabetes Issue in 10/2011.

Our Chinese journal NAJMH (www.najmh.org) has published 102 health educational articles in 2010, and as today total 20 issues published with a collection of over 300 health educational articles and cited by many website or journals worldwide. Clearly both journals have increased popularity and impact academically and socially in North America, China and beyond.

The Institute to cure Autism (www.tocureautism.org ) has merged into ACMES recently with focus on using newest advances to study and treat autism. We are lunching out first research and clinical project later this year with a multidisciplinary team.

We would like to sincerely thank our executive committee members, project leaders, event coordinators, our editorial board, reviewers, consultants/advisors, editing staffs, our sponsors and supporters, our volunteers and many others behind, who contributed their countless and valuable time, talent, and expertise, and sacrificed their family life and personal leisure, with shared mission to serve our community better. Their great contributions and devotion are deeply appreciated!

We will continue our endeavor to better serve our community, bridge US and China medical exchange, improve healthcare delivery and mutual learning, also share our love and spirit, enjoy life and have fun together!

Best regards,

Xuejun Kong, MD

President, ACMES (www.acmes.net )

On behalf of ACMES executive committee