ACMES Annual Conference 2014


October 18th, 2014 American Chinese Medical Exchange Society held its annual conference at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Shapiro 10 Conference Room, Boston from 8:45 am to 5:00pm, about 150 people attendee cross the globe came together, shared their expertise and common interest, the conference was a great success!

This year's annual conference covered topics ranging from Healthcare management, Medical Publishing, Clinical Practice and "Almost effect" and integrative medicine etc. Xuejun Kong, MD of BIDMC, offered opening remarks, she addressed the intent of the conference is for physicians and healthcare providers to be engaged in leadership of promoting optimal health and well-being of general population. The mission of our organization is to promote medical exchange between the US and China. With its knowledge and expertise in the medical field and two existing medical publications, ACMES is positioned to contribute to the promotion of global health. She expressed deep appreciation to speakers particularly those traveled from other countries to share their expertise, to the sponsors for their great support, to the organization committee for their tireless works and contributions to make this happen.

The general session was presented by Guan Yunpeng, director of administration committee of Medicine and Health Management at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) about hospital management in China and HUST, Martin Wonsiewicz, CEO of PMPH-USA about medical publications, professor Jianren Mao of Harvard Medical School, Vice Chair for Research, Director, MGH Center for Translational Pain Research, Richard J. Kitz Professor of Anaesthesia Academic Research: Challenges and Future Directions, followed by Professor Keqin Hu of UCLA, discussed hepatitis C and its new advance, and Lawrence S. Hotes, MD, F.A.C.P., F.A.C.E. Chief Medical Officer, VP of Medical Affairs, New England Sinai Hospital about New Paradigm in Diabetic Treatment.

The afternoon conference was divided by three panel discussions, “The Almost Effect” session was a big crowd, the panelists include Professor Lucy Chen of MGH, Professor Gloria Yeh of BIDMC, Dr.Albert Yueng of MGH, Professor Jian Kong of MGH, Dr. Weidong Lu of Dana Fabar Cancer Institute, Dr. Bing Yang of New England Acupuncture school ect. The clinical panel include case discussions by Drs. Le Min of Brigham Woman Hospital, Wei Yang of Beverly Hospital, Fenghua zhou of MGH, Esq. David M Gould’s malpractice discussion and Esq. Alan Chew’s Medical economics and finance management.

A new highlight this year was the Medical Career Path session focus on the introduction of the medical education and career paths in US. Audience will have a chance to hear from first hand experiences of how to become a doctor, dentist, lawyer, acupuncturist, licensed dietitians, clinical pharmacist in US with US or foreign education background. It aim to help prospect medical student, medical student, FMG, resident or fellow physicians better understanding medical education and career choices in US and promote communications within the community. The panelists include Drs. Hon Ho, Yongli Ji, Li Arango, Juan Liu, Peining Li, etc. The feedbacks were excellent for the whole conference. At noon time, there was an autism exhibition: talent stroke, organized by Dr. Mei Zhang, attracted a lot attention.

The conference was a great success, followed by dinner celebration, Drs. Gary Lu, Zhaoxi Wang and Wei zhang received excellence service award of ACMES 2014, the awards were presented by Drs. Xuejun Kong and Lucy Chen on ACMES behalf.