International Autism Forum, Primary Care Conference and “Spring Love for Autism” Concert

Dr. Jianghe Niu

May 25th, 2014 International autism forum, primary care conference at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Shapiro 10 and “Spring love for autism” Chinese Zither Concert at Jordan Hall.

American Chinese Medical Exchange Society will hold its Spring medical conference featuring common issue in primary care and international autism forum at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Shapiro 10 conference center from 9am to 4pm. The primary care medicine session will cover new advances for type 2 diabetes, hepatitis/hepatoma and GERD; .

The international autism forum will include newest research breakthrough, innovative clinical treatment and integrative advancement from 20 top autism experts from USA and China, Harvard professors Dr.Martha Herbert will talk about her newest research of whole body approach for autism, Dr.William stone will talk about cognitive behavioral intervention on autism and associated psychiatric disorders, Dr. David Lee will talk about integrative approach for autism intervention, Prof Lieh Li of Northeastern University will talk about psychological intervention of autism, Dr. Feng Liu from New York will talk about Autism diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Helen V. Ratajczak from CT and Dr. Gang Wang from NY will talk about CaV1.2 (CACNA1C) involved in pathogenesis of autism spectrum disorder, Dr. Michelle Hartley-McAndrew from Buffalo will talk about her research findings on autism, Dr.Yihong Han from Seattle will talk about painless acupuncture for autism, Dr. Ming Tong will talk about clinical trial and new drug discovery for autism. .

We will have 7 autism experts from China shared their expertise and experience in autism research and clinical interventions, they are Prof. Yasong Du of Shanghai Mental Health Center, Director of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Vice Chair of Chinese Association for Child Mental Health, he will talk about Autism epidemiology and interventions in China, Prof. Jing Zhang of Tongji University will talk about her nationally awarded early intervention research for autism, Prof. Jingying Chen, The National Engineering Research Center for E-learning at Huazhong Normal University, who will introduce the innovative digital learning program for autism she developed, Prof. Yu Jin of Zhongshan University will present the early intervention of autism and the neuropsychological mechanism. We will hold three panel discussion among US and China experts, including some panelists from Harvard and Yale University, please don’t miss this great learning experience. .

After meeting, will have “walk for autism” from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to Jordan Hall followed by concert “Spring love for autism” featuring Zither music by Miss Hui Weng with varied styles including free improvisation with dancers and western musicians. You will also hear famous “Liang Zhu” violin concerto by violinist Wei Gan, music therapy specialist, associate professor of Huazhong Normal University; well known mezzo-soprano Miss Ying Wu will sing along with her young star singers and chorus, including her autism students. .

Please come and join us this great whole day event! To register for conference $50 for whole day meeting including lunch and one concert ticket, $25 for students. For concert alone please buy ticket at student $15, regular $30 and VIP $60. Please contact for any questions. .