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Tad Pu

Tad Pu, MD, M.Ed. Dr Tad Pu graduated form Nanjing Medical University in 1987. After that he completed residency in child psychiatry in Nanjing Child Mental Health Research Center directly under the supervision Prof. Tao Kuo Tai and Prof. Lin Jie. Since 1993 to 2007, Dr. Tad Pu studied in Texas Christian University for Master of Special Ed specialized in behavioral therapy for children with special needs. Dr. Pu has worked 5 years in Fort Worth, Texas as a behavior therapist and special education teacher specialized in autism and developmental disorders. He has also studied Western Psychological Services’ series of psychological evaluation for children with autism and developmental disorders in University of Michigan (ADOS, SI etc.) From 2001 to 2007, he worked as the director of Rainbow Project in Hong Kong to provide behavioral and educational services for children with autism and developmental disorders. Since 2003, Dr. Pu has been involving in training child psychiatrists, pediatricians and teachers in the areas of autism and developmental disorders in many cities in China. He has supported to set up The Rainbow Model teaching program in Hangzhou, Suzhou and most recently Wuxi, China. In 2009, Dr. Pu set up RAINBOW CONSULTING SERVICES in Beijing to provide services to children with developmental, behavioral and emotional needs. Since then Dr. Pu and his team have worked with many children with behavioral, emotional and learning needs aged from 1 to 18 from both local and international kindergartens and schools. Since 2011, Dr. Pu has worked as child psychiatrist for Beijing Vista Medical Center and later joined United Family Hospitals in Beijing and Guangzhou.

Zhang Taiming

Zhang Taiming, dean assistant and director of administration office of School of Medicine and Health Management, HUST, is gradated from Huazhong Normal University and majored in education management. Ms Zhang is engaged for long time in administrative management at higher medical college and has some publications such as Present Situation and Intention of Practical Teaching on the Sight of Health Service Management Students and Management Students, Talents Cultivation of Health Service Management Based on STS Theory, etc.

Yunpeng Guan

Yunpeng Guan, MPH, Director of administration committee of Medicine and Health Management at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), is graduated from School of Public Health at HUST and have got master degree of public health and bachelor degree of law. Before the present position and title, Mr. Guan held office as depute director of President’s Office of HUST, director of Administration Office of Tongji Medical College at HUST, director of Comprehensive Office of Tongji Campus of HUST. Mr. Guan is engaged for long time in administration and management of medical college so that he is experienced in administrative and human resource management of higher medical education and interested in management and planning of college and university as well as health service management and law practice. Presently, Mr. Guan is membership of China’s Higher Medical Education Seminar and Hospital Information Statistics Committee of China’s Hospital Association. He also has Thought on Management Patterns of Chinese Medical Colleges in Comprehensive Universities, We Need Consider of University’s Constant Functions More as Strategic Plan Making in Modern University, etc., which was published in academic journals and conferences. He also was participated in the writing of some books and textbooks as Forensic Law, Health Politics, etc.

Yunzhong Chen

Yunzhong Chen, MD, Professor, vice president, Hubei University of Chinese Medicine. Dr. Chen is the vice president of Hubei University of Chinese Medicine, the vice chairman of Food Safety Committee in Hubei Province, director and vice secretary general of Konjak Assosciation in Hubei Province, director of Wuhan Invention Association, and the assessment expert of Natural Science Foundation of China. He is also the Supervisor of Doctors and the awardee of Middle Young aged expert with outstanding contributions. The main research focuses of Dr. Chen are on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Productive Chemistry, as well as utilization on biological resources.

Jinqing Lu

Jinqing Lu, MD, Professor, Hubei University of Chinese Medicine. Dr. Lu is the Director of Natural pharmaceutical chemistry in Hubei University of Chinese Medicine. He is also Vice chairman and secretary, Hubei pharmaceutical professional committee of Chinese Association of integrative medicine, Standing committee member, Hubei traditional Chinese Medicine Society of Chinese Medicine Institute, and Assessment expert, National Science Foundation of China. Dr. Lu’s research is focused on TCM and natural pharmaceutical chemistry.

Hui Hu

Hui Hu, Ph.D. Professor and Dean of Nursing College, Academic Leader of Nursing, Standing committee member of Nursing Branch of National TCM Higher Education Association and Vice-chairman of Nursing Education Committee of Hubei Nursing Association. Dr. Hu has actively engaged in clinical nursing, teaching and research of nursing for over twenty years. She has also made tremendous achievements concerning geriatric nursing and nursing education, led and participated in various state-level research projects, and received multiple national awards for both teaching and research.

Xiuqiao Zhang

Xiuqiao Zhang, Ph.D., professor and director of the Pharmacognosy Department of the College of Pharmacy of Hubei University of Chinese Medicine. Dr. Zhang is an expert of Chinese herbs and is also the evaluation expert of the National Science Foundation projects and Wuhan science & technology projects, and expert of the Strategy Alliance in the Good Agricultural Practice of Medicinal Plants and New Product Development of Industrial Technology Innovation in Hubei Province. Dr. Zhang currently serves a standing committee member of Traditional Chinese Medicine Professional Committee of Chinese Medicine Institute in Hubei Province, and the main backbone of the Excellent Teaching Team of Chinese Medicine Resource and Identification. She is in charge of six state-funded research projects. She has also won a variety of national and provincial awards.

Long Cheng

Long Cheng, MD, PhD. Dr.Cheng is the Program Director, Chief Clinical Reviewer of Center for Drug Evaluation, State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA), China. Dr. Cheng serves as a visiting Research Scientist at Harvard School of Public Health. He is studying various aspects of drug efficacy and safety evaluation. He does research on risk and benefit evaluation of Innovation Drug with regulatory science.

He worked as a Chief Clinical Reviewer and Director in the areas of Innovative Drug and Traditional Chinese Medicine of cardiopathy, rheumatism, dermatology for the past six years. He also serves as the leader of the Guideline of the Summary and Evaluation of main finding of Herb Research and is in charge of the Clinical Research Guideline of Coronary artery disease herb, and Guideline of the Structure and Content of Clinical Study Reports. He was a member of Clinical Date Management Group, and the secretary of Chinese Medical Evaluation Research Committee, CDE, SFDA. Dr. Cheng is also a member of the Beijing Society for Neuroscience, a member of Specialist Committee of China Association of Chinese Medicine, a member of Cardiopathy Committee of Beijing Association of the Integrative Medicine, and a member of Rehabilitation Medicine Committee of Chinese Association of the Integrative Medicine.