Chinese Medical Exchange Society held its Spring conference


On April 7th 2013, American Chinese Medical Exchange Society held its Spring conference-common issues in primary care series IV, at Dana Fabar Cancer Institute, there were 8 experts offered lecture and more than 100 medical professionals attended the whole day conference.

Dr. Peter M. Kang, associate professor of Harvard medical school and Cardiologist, presented the newest advances in Cardiology, he pointed out that Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in USA. Dr.Margo Hudson, Endocrinologist of Brigham woman hospital, talked about insulin treatment advances. Pain and rehab specialist Dr. Edison Wong talked about chronic pain management.

Dr. Peichang Liu, Critical care specialist of BIDMC, talked about septic shock, Dr.Bailin Wu, Boston Children Hospital, talked about genetic advances and individualized treatment.

Dr.Yuanli Liu, director of China initiative, Harvard school of public health, talked about current challenges of medical system in China. Raymond Chung, director of hepatology of MGH, presented hepatoencepholopathy, as a major complication of cirrhosis.

Dr.Daryl Lau, associate professor of Harvard medical school, who talked about hepatitis C and its mew treatments. Dr. Kevin Hu, from Dongfang hospital of Beijing, shared his expertise in treatment of advanced lung cancer with integrative treatment.