Dear Colleagues:

The mission of the American Chinese Medical Exchange Society (ACMES) is to promote medical changes between the US and China, and to promote optimal health and well-being of Asian American in the local community. With its knowledge and expertise in the medical field and two existing medical publications, ACMES is positioned to contribute to the promotion of global health.

Please visit our websites at www.acmes.net for updated information on our activities. We also publish a peered reviewed medical science journal in English www.najms.net and a health education magazine www.najmh.org. Your advices and suggestions are always appreciated.

As physicians, especially Asian physicians, we are obligated and privileged to serve our community.

Finally, I’d like to invite you to join us, with shared passion and spirit, together we will, and together we can make a difference!


June(Xuejun) Kong, MD

President of ACMES